The Beauty Scoop: week 1

Hey guys! Super sorry, I’ve been AWOL but I’VE FINALLY MOVED!!! Yall I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am♥ But I have officially started working on my youtube again and now I’m coming back full force to work on my blog! Im super excited to see where this new beginning takes me! 

     Today, I’m going to be writing about the weekly Beauty Scoop! //This is pretty much all the drama of the beauty world as well as any other news// I’m going to start posting this on my Youtube Channel every week but this week, y’all are reading it here first so sit back, grab some tea, and get ready to hear all the juicy shade the week has to offer!

First up on the agenda is the recent battle between Jeffree Star and Too Faced cofounder, Jerrod Blandino. Star called out Blandino earlier this spring for allegedly shading Tarte with a (now deleted) Instagram post that was captioned #ThereArentUnicornsInTheAmazon, this is assumed to be a dig at the brands Amazon clay collection and unicorn inspired products that they just released.  Star recently hinted shade towards the business between Nikki Tutorials and Too Face involving their recent collab. Supposedly, Nikki was paid $50,000 and told not to work with any other brands and not to speak about this yet Too Faced brought in almost $9 million from her collaboration alone. Star said on Twitter “While @jerrodblandino drives a Bentley and lives in a mansion, Nikkie has been suffering in silence.”

Also in this controversy, Star recently said “her and I are no longer friends. You can confirm that.  but I still respect her hustle and I watched firsthand how they abused her and know how much she got paid. It’s embarrassing. I think anyone else BUT me afraid to mention the contract. I did it to make a statement so the audience have a taste as to why it was so Sh!tty. she prove something and what was produced was not the same quality.”

After Star hinted towards the contract between Niki and Too Faced, Blandino’s sister Lisa decided to get involved. She publicly bashed his customers and made death threats towards Star. There is also a chance that start is facing legal action for his remarks about the contract. He mentioned other companies and brands trying to mess with his money and business behind the scenes and to that he said “get ready for a blood bath”.

In other news, Too Face is releasing their “I want Kandee” collab with Kandee Johnson on September 3. Kandee posted a sneak peek on Instagram of an eyeshadow palette from the collection. There are 15 pans with three oversized base colors in a blend of mattes and shimmers the overall pallet means towards the cool neutral side of the spectrum. The shades are named after sweet treats such as banana cream pie sugar strawberry and more.

I want kandee.png

And lastly, Manny MUA jumped to his friends defense and called out MAC Cosmetics for allegedly failing to promote their collab as well as they should have. Laura Lee and Gabriel Zamora worked with Mac to each release their own online- only lipsticks. Manny felt MAC didn’t promote the lip products like they have with other collabs in the past and took to twitter to defend his friend’s honor. Whether or not you feel he was right, his tweets caused both of their lipsticks to become sold out!

Countdown to V~DAY: Day 2 Bomb af Eyeshadow

<<Plz ignore my dollar store foundation and scary eyebrow>>
Today, I’m sharing a makeup look (yes omg I know) that I created for Valentines day. Even though I’ll be stuck at work all day, I’m still going to be rocking my V day Lula Roe’s and this bomb look.  (REAL QUICK– Go follow my blog Instagram @itsme.amieg tysm!♥)

I created this look using the Ulta Rose Gold Palette (You can get it here for $20). ||Obvi, you don’t have to use this exact palette||

So I pretty much used every shade in the palette *oops* but you’re more than welcome to customize it and make it your own!♥
Any whoo, I started out by priming my eyelids with Trust Fund Beauty’s primer just to give my shadow something t stick to. First I used a fluffy blending brush and the shade “Prosecco” and applied that all over my lid. Then I used a smaller blending brush and applied the shade “Breathless” to my crease and outer corner. With this shade, you can’t really add too much so you don’t have to be as precise. Next, I used my crease brush and mixed the shades “Dessert”, “Luxe”, and “Orchid” and applied everywhere I applied “Breathless”. **The pic says Sweetheart but I meant Orchid oopss** Lastly, I took a flat angled brush and the shade “Dahlia” and applied a small amount to my outer corner and absolute inside of my outer portion of my crease. Be sure to go easy with this shade since it’s so dark.

After that, I applied my Ulta liquid liner and then went back in with “Dahlia” on the smallest brush I own to smoke out my lower lash line.

Lastly, I applied my Model Co mascara and used my Sinkdinavia Setting Spray to finish off the look!

That is pretty much the look! I just did basic foundation, contour, and highlight (a list of products I used for everything else will be at the bottom of the post).


Other products I used:

  • elf foundation stick in “Nude”
  • JS Skin Frost in “SO Fu**ing Gold”
  • Nyx Contour Stick
  • Ulta Beauty’s Nude Face Primer
  • elf brow kit in “Light/Medium”
  • it Cosmetics Brow Pencil
  • inspir Concealer stick


Thank you for reading this far down!! If you’re reading this, comment “Nice Spuds” below!!♥♥♥♥♥♥

Behind the Blog: Why I Run

Those of you that follow me on Snapchat have probably seen my “Daily Adventures” at least one day this week. Pretty much every time I go for a run, I find these absolutely beautiful areas! So, I do what any girl my age would do and I get out my phone so I can share it with all of my Snapchat friends. Anyway, Today I’m going to be writing about why I run, what struggles I have, and any tips for getting into running.

So lets start with some background info. In March of 2015, I decided after only 1 day of training,  I was going to run a half marathon. (I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS ITS SO DANGEROUS YOU COULD DIE DON’T DO IT) Total, I ran 3 miles for my “training” and did an hour of yoga. After having a (few) mental breakdown(s), I finished my first half marathon at 2 hours and 17 minutes (that’s pretty dang good) at the age of 15. Crossing that finish line was one of the best feelings ever (because I knew there was free food).img_9233

Anyway, last year (2016) I was going to do the half marathon at the beach but I ended up injuring my knee in May. After going to too many doctors to count, I was told I needed a knee replacement. So there I was, 16 years old, getting told how to prepare for a knee replacement when just over a year ago I ran a half marathon. It was crazy. After being on crutches for almost 6 months, I started to get to where I could walk again (without surgery). So I started doing yoga again to try and fix my knee “my way” and after about a month of yoga, I was -almost- back to normal. I talked to a Physical Therapist and he basically said that if I work out more, I’ll be able to fully heal my knee and get back to walking without a limp!

So I did just that. I started doing yoga 12 times a week and I walked more. Eventually, my knee was (what seemed to be) completely healed so I decided to pick up where I left off and start actually training for another half marathon and I LOVED IT. I’ve never loved doing something active as much as I now love running. This is somethings that’s a shocker since I was never the “active” type (I “had my period” literally everyday in middle school just because it got me out of P.E.).

So now lets get to the why. Growing up, I was a bigger child. I was made fun of a lot and I had literally no self confidence. Running is not only a great way to lose weight but it also helps give me confidence in myself. It’s kinda my way of saying “EFFF YOU” to all the mean girls that would torment me in school. There’s just something about pushing yourself to be the best you can be that is so empowering and liberating. After a while, you’ll see results, not only with your body but with your endurance as well. THAT is what made me fall in love with running.

Now my tips!

  • DON’T QUIT. You may not want to run today but you should run today! It will make you feel like you can take on the world with one hand behind your back!
  • It takes time to see results so don’t get discouraged.
  • If I can run, YOU can run!
  • Don’t let yourself make excuses.
  • You have to want it bad enough to get up and do something about it.
  • ALWAYS wear good shoes! Trust me on this. Your legs will want to kill you if you don’t.
  • If you run alone, be sure to be safe and carry protection! ( I’m not old enough to buy a gun yet so I carry my stun gun named Becky with me. She’s one of the strongest on the market and will scare the SH!T out of someone with just the sound it makes)
  • Remember to eat right! You’ll basically ruin all your progress if you run 3 miles and then go eat some beefaroni and a donut.