Countdown to V~DAY: Day 2 Bomb af Eyeshadow

<<Plz ignore my dollar store foundation and scary eyebrow>>
Today, I’m sharing a makeup look (yes omg I know) that I created for Valentines day. Even though I’ll be stuck at work all day, I’m still going to be rocking my V day Lula Roe’s and this bomb look.  (REAL QUICK– Go follow my blog Instagram @itsme.amieg tysm!♥)

I created this look using the Ulta Rose Gold Palette (You can get it here for $20). ||Obvi, you don’t have to use this exact palette||

So I pretty much used every shade in the palette *oops* but you’re more than welcome to customize it and make it your own!♥
Any whoo, I started out by priming my eyelids with Trust Fund Beauty’s primer just to give my shadow something t stick to. First I used a fluffy blending brush and the shade “Prosecco” and applied that all over my lid. Then I used a smaller blending brush and applied the shade “Breathless” to my crease and outer corner. With this shade, you can’t really add too much so you don’t have to be as precise. Next, I used my crease brush and mixed the shades “Dessert”, “Luxe”, and “Orchid” and applied everywhere I applied “Breathless”. **The pic says Sweetheart but I meant Orchid oopss** Lastly, I took a flat angled brush and the shade “Dahlia” and applied a small amount to my outer corner and absolute inside of my outer portion of my crease. Be sure to go easy with this shade since it’s so dark.

After that, I applied my Ulta liquid liner and then went back in with “Dahlia” on the smallest brush I own to smoke out my lower lash line.

Lastly, I applied my Model Co mascara and used my Sinkdinavia Setting Spray to finish off the look!

That is pretty much the look! I just did basic foundation, contour, and highlight (a list of products I used for everything else will be at the bottom of the post).


Other products I used:

  • elf foundation stick in “Nude”
  • JS Skin Frost in “SO Fu**ing Gold”
  • Nyx Contour Stick
  • Ulta Beauty’s Nude Face Primer
  • elf brow kit in “Light/Medium”
  • it Cosmetics Brow Pencil
  • inspir Concealer stick


Thank you for reading this far down!! If you’re reading this, comment “Nice Spuds” below!!♥♥♥♥♥♥

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Weekly review: It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara 

Like most girls, I have not so full lashes, so I rely on mascara, lash curlers, and the occasional Ardell Lashes. So you can probably imagine my excitement when I received a sample of the Superhero mascara in my IPSY bag a few months ago. I hate giving things bad reviews, so I kept trying the little bottle of pain for about a month before I finally called it quits.

The mascara is amazing IF you’re going to wear it for only an hour. It makes even the smallest lashes look full and beautiful. But after the 1 hour mark, it starts to flake off and burn your eyes. Then, your eyes will water and you’re whole face will be covered in tears, flaky mascara, and NO makeup.

Recently, I tried the mascara on top on my Ardell Lash kit and it looked perfect but the flaking got worse and, along with most of the mascara, my watery eyes pulled off my lashes as well.