The Beauty Scoop: week 1

Hey guys! Super sorry, I’ve been AWOL but I’VE FINALLY MOVED!!! Yall I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am♥ But I have officially started working on my youtube again and now I’m coming back full force to work on my blog! Im super excited to see where this new beginning takes me! 

     Today, I’m going to be writing about the weekly Beauty Scoop! //This is pretty much all the drama of the beauty world as well as any other news// I’m going to start posting this on my Youtube Channel every week but this week, y’all are reading it here first so sit back, grab some tea, and get ready to hear all the juicy shade the week has to offer!

First up on the agenda is the recent battle between Jeffree Star and Too Faced cofounder, Jerrod Blandino. Star called out Blandino earlier this spring for allegedly shading Tarte with a (now deleted) Instagram post that was captioned #ThereArentUnicornsInTheAmazon, this is assumed to be a dig at the brands Amazon clay collection and unicorn inspired products that they just released.  Star recently hinted shade towards the business between Nikki Tutorials and Too Face involving their recent collab. Supposedly, Nikki was paid $50,000 and told not to work with any other brands and not to speak about this yet Too Faced brought in almost $9 million from her collaboration alone. Star said on Twitter “While @jerrodblandino drives a Bentley and lives in a mansion, Nikkie has been suffering in silence.”

Also in this controversy, Star recently said “her and I are no longer friends. You can confirm that.  but I still respect her hustle and I watched firsthand how they abused her and know how much she got paid. It’s embarrassing. I think anyone else BUT me afraid to mention the contract. I did it to make a statement so the audience have a taste as to why it was so Sh!tty. she prove something and what was produced was not the same quality.”

After Star hinted towards the contract between Niki and Too Faced, Blandino’s sister Lisa decided to get involved. She publicly bashed his customers and made death threats towards Star. There is also a chance that start is facing legal action for his remarks about the contract. He mentioned other companies and brands trying to mess with his money and business behind the scenes and to that he said “get ready for a blood bath”.

In other news, Too Face is releasing their “I want Kandee” collab with Kandee Johnson on September 3. Kandee posted a sneak peek on Instagram of an eyeshadow palette from the collection. There are 15 pans with three oversized base colors in a blend of mattes and shimmers the overall pallet means towards the cool neutral side of the spectrum. The shades are named after sweet treats such as banana cream pie sugar strawberry and more.

I want kandee.png

And lastly, Manny MUA jumped to his friends defense and called out MAC Cosmetics for allegedly failing to promote their collab as well as they should have. Laura Lee and Gabriel Zamora worked with Mac to each release their own online- only lipsticks. Manny felt MAC didn’t promote the lip products like they have with other collabs in the past and took to twitter to defend his friend’s honor. Whether or not you feel he was right, his tweets caused both of their lipsticks to become sold out!

Adulting 101: Apartment Hunting

Recently, my boyfriend and I decided that being independent is better than having cookout for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so we’ve decided to stop eating out (yes, you read that right) and save up so we can move out this year. Even though moving out has been something I’ve wanted to do since I was 15, there’s still I haven’t learned about what to do (and not to do) when moving out for the first time. So, as I learn all the new and (not so) exciting things about “adulting”, I’m going to share them here so maybe it’ll be easier for you.
Today we started apartment hunting. My tip for this is to make a list of EVERY apartment complex that will fit in your budget along with their address, price, and any questions you have about the place. Also, it’ll help if you plan the order of where you’re going so you don’t have to do any unnecessary driving.
Here’s a few more useful tips and tricks I learned today:

Ask if the apartment you’re touring is a show apartment or a move-in apartment.

If it’s a move-in, make sure to check EVERYTHING. Try all the doorknobs, open all the cabinets, and try all the list switches. (Today, we were looking at a move-in apartment and a closet doorknob fell off as soon as we walked in.)

Be sure to ask what is included in the rent. I.e. utilities, maintenance, sewer, pest control, trash pickup, etc.

Make sure you understand what all the maintenance crew will fix and always ask if there’s an emergency maintenance crew.

If you have pets, as the leasing agent to go over all pet related fees and policies. ( Pet application fee, pet rent, breed restrictions, etc.)

Ask what kind of redecorating is allowed like painting and carpet installation.

Always ask what all comes with the apartment. Most of the apartments we’ve looked at includes a stove/oven, fridge, and a dishwasher.

Be sure to make note of the deposit and if your credit affects that.

I like to get a flyer from each place we visit and make notes on them so I can keep track of what I loved and what I hated about each place.
So that pretty much sums up what I learned today. We didn’t spend much time today since we were up late last night doing meal prep but we’re going out again Wednesday so stay tuned for a (potential) part 2!