So little time and so much to say

SO much has happened and I have no idea where to start so I’ll just start from today and work back….

Today we made an offer on a HOUSE. OMG y’all I can’t even believe this. I never thought that at the age of 17, I’d be *potentially* buying a house. BUT yall Im obsessed with this house! It’s a 4 bedroom 3 bath with an outdoor kitchen.

2 weeks ago.. A pipe in our neighbor’s apartment started leaking and unfortunately ruined one of our walls in our apartment -.- On top of that, our maintenance guy has forgot about us _._

This past month… I started posting on YouTube more frequently and I’m so happy with the growth this has caused. ♥

♥ Also, We adopted a puppy and a bunny ♥

☼I’ve decided *yet again* that I want to start blogging again like SUPER CONSISTENTLY; so hopefully I can grow this too ☼

Huge (furry) Surprise

So on Saturday, March 25th, I adopted a precious, 6-week-old female hedgehog and I am in love with her! She is everything I want in a pet and more! She was purchased from a breeder 30 minutes away from my home town. She did get a little car sick on the way home but did great after that!

Be sure to go check out her IG @flowerthehedgehog for daily posts and updates about how she’s doing!!



HEEEey gUUys!

So I’m looking for a group of beauty/makeup/fashion/lifestyle bloggers to join my community! There’s literally NO catch! all you have to do is join our group on the GroupMe app and spread love to the other bloggers in the community!

This is a great way to learn how to become a better blogger, get more views, get honest opinions on your ideas, AND MAKE FRIENDS OMG HOW COOL RIGHT????!

ANYWHO- I just wanted to start something to help new bloggers (like myself) learn more about blogging and also build relationships with similar bloggers! I think this is an amazing opportunity for any level blogger!

Weekly Review: Kiss Freely

Kiss Freely has sent me a few items to try out and review for y’all! For those of you who don’t know, Kiss Freely is a brand that is 100% organic and vegan.

Yesterday, I received a package with a body butter, 2 lip glosses, a pink one and a white one, and a hand written note from the owner of the brand. 

I am so in love with the body butter! I’ve used a few higher name brands body butters before and they leave my skin feeling greasy or oily. This one doesn’t! It feels like you just put on lotion that is thicker than normal. It works wonders on dry skin though. I had extremely dry elbows, especially during the winter, so I tried the body butter on only my left elbow so I can compare them and there was no contest- the body butter made my elbow feel like I have normal skin after only 2 applications! I used the product when I received it yesterday as well as before bed last night! I was sent a full sized container which they are selling for $16.99 right now! It is so worth it!💕

As for the lip glosses, I like how they feel on my lips and their consistency but I’m not a fan of glosses. (I prefer matte or semi matte lip products) I could see myself wearing this if I ever did want to wear a gloss. It’s easily the best gloss I own (and I own a good bit). 💕

Weekly Review: Dose Of Colors

Hey guys, sorry for missing Dupe Day Tuesday this week!!! (I know I suck) Life has been crazy this week with meal preps, classes, apartment hunting, and all the other things I fill my time with. ☺

Anyway, in all the chaos, I forgot I ordered 2 Dose Of Colors liquid lipsticks!
The ones I bought were Bare with Me and Truffle (links at the bottom ( No, I don’t make a profit from you buying them, I just love the products!)).

So, I was a little confused when I opened the boxes. The colors looked EXACTLY the same in the bottle.

But GIRL lemme tell you these were anything but the same. (unfortunately, I forgot to take a side by side pic so here’s one from )


I absolutely love Truffle ♥ It looks sooo good on too! Bare with me is amazing but I don’t have the badass-ness to wear nude lips out in public )):

This product does take a lil bit to dry but once it does, it’s not going anywhere!







Hopefully, I can make it up to y’all for missing Dupe Day by doing 2 posts in one day????? ♥


Weekly review: It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara 

Like most girls, I have not so full lashes, so I rely on mascara, lash curlers, and the occasional Ardell Lashes. So you can probably imagine my excitement when I received a sample of the Superhero mascara in my IPSY bag a few months ago. I hate giving things bad reviews, so I kept trying the little bottle of pain for about a month before I finally called it quits.

The mascara is amazing IF you’re going to wear it for only an hour. It makes even the smallest lashes look full and beautiful. But after the 1 hour mark, it starts to flake off and burn your eyes. Then, your eyes will water and you’re whole face will be covered in tears, flaky mascara, and NO makeup.

Recently, I tried the mascara on top on my Ardell Lash kit and it looked perfect but the flaking got worse and, along with most of the mascara, my watery eyes pulled off my lashes as well.