March Faves

Hey guys!

So I’ve been hella busy lately with Mary Kay and my photography and I have a HUGE surprise coming this summer! **ugh, I wish I could tell yall ):**

Anyway, today I’m going to be sharing my favorites for the month of March!


I absolutely LOVE the Skone blending brush! I received it in this month’s IPSY bag and I’ve been using it soo so much since then! I love using it for applying my highlight!

The next product, I’ve had for a while but I’ve been using the heck out of it lately. It’s a hair brush that has sponges on it for when you wash your hair! I love mine soo much- and its perfect for thick hair!

Netflix & Movies:

I just watched the new Beauty and the Beast movie yesterday and I LOVED IT!!! It was soo much better than I thought it would be DEFF a 10/10!!

This month, I started watching NCIS and it is soo good yall. It’s funny and has the whole crime-mystery-badguy vibe to it!


This month, I’ve been trying to be healthier and all that since I’m going on vacation in like less than 4 months but I’ve been eating a whole butt-load of white rice! It’s my go to for a healthy meal when it’s paired with baked chicken.

I was recently introduced to Bone Broth- This stuff is DISGUSTING but the effects are the bomb. (I’ll do a whole new post about my feels on this and how I use it)


I did a table at a local expo earlier this month with my Mary Kay and since I’m still kinda new, I don’t have every little thing, so I borrowed a few from my NSD and I fell in love with a MK perfume called Thinking of Love.♥

This is prob the first and last time I’ll have clothes on my faves list but I was at Kohl’s earlier this month and saw this super soft workout shirt and fell in love!! AND it says “will run for pizza” on it! How cute??

Plz ignore my awkward self

January Faves 2017 ♥

Y’all this month has been CRAZY asf! From deciding to move out to starting a blog and even starting up my bath bomb business again; I’ve had a jam packed schedule lately. I’d most definitely be a blabbering mess right now if it wasn’t for my “me time” where I take about an hour to do something I enjoy. This month I’ve found a few new things I enjoy so I thought I’d share my Faves from January!

  • Lately, I’ve been loving the e.l.f. BB cream, mainly because I’m super lazy, but also because it matches my skin tone perfectly and smells like sunscreen!
  • If you watch my videos on YouTube, you’ll know I love The Balm and I just got my Manizer sisters Trio! It’s so amazing I’d deff recommend!
  • My fave skin care item is the Mary Kay Botanical Effects Cleansing Face Wash. It keeps my skin acne free!
  • For my birthday, my boyfriend’s mom bought me 3 pair of Lula Roe Leggings and I’m in love!!! Today I’m wearing my valentines day pair ♥
  • My most used app of the month is Tumblr- you can follow me artemis-gwen or poppin-pixie-powder for my aesthetic account
  • I’ve been killing some online poker lately (no real money of course) I’ve been using the Poker King Texas Holdem app!
  • This month’s most played song is on + off by Maggie Rogers
  • My fave movie I’ve watched this month is (FINDING DORY but since I watch that every week and I’ve seen it like 53 times I’ll go with my second fave) Trolls! It’s so stinkin cute!!
  • I’ve been watching Burn Notice on Netflix a lot this month and I’m addicted♥
  • On Hulu, I’ve been binge watching RuPaul’s Drag Race since it’s now “expiring” so I’ve finished season 6! (My fave queen is Adore♥)
  • This month’s fave emoji is the Pineapple bc it’s so ~artsy~🍍


That’s all for this month. Hopefully I’ll have more for February!♥